Tips for choosing the domain name associated with your activity


Tips for choosing the domain name associated with your activity

Recognition or differentiation on the internet are very important aspects, and choosing a domain name has a direct relationship with it. When it comes to an activity that already has an established, well-known name, or is linked to a commercial brand, the logical thing would be for the domain associated with the website to be the same or similar, as long as it is not reserved or is being used by another entity.

However, whenever we can afford the possibility of choosing a new domain name for an initiative or business, it is advisable to take into account that it complies as much as possible with a series of characteristics. This is important to acquire certain advantages, save ourselves problems and even avoid unnecessary conflict situations as we will see below.

The keyword in the domain name

Although the latest updates to Google’s algorithms give less relevance to the fact that the domain name contains or references the activity, it is still very positive that it includes related keywords. Without a doubt, it is a characteristic that suggests to interested people the value they can obtain, or the topic that is covered in a transparent and clear way.
A memorizable domain name

It goes without saying that when choosing a domain name you score points that are memorizable, and this should be a priority. How many times do we try to remember the name of a website, online store or resource that we visit on our own initiative or on recommendation, but whose name we cannot assimilate? And on the other hand … isn’t it true that later we abandoned the idea of ​​recovering it just because of the research effort that it would entail? Umm, you don’t want it to happen to others with your website?

A short and specific name is always more interesting from a cognitive point of view, the user digests it quickly, but it is increasingly difficult to find names that meet this requirement without being used. The usual thing in these cases is to resort to the combination of two or even three words used with ingenuity, as in the case of our own domain, “in-genio-virtual” or “ingenio-virtual” to form “”. What do you think? We’ll work on it huh?
Choose easy to interpret and write domain name

It is very important that the domain name is pronounced and understood well without giving rise to different interpretations regarding its spelling. Despite the fact that search engines offer more and more quality in their predictions as we type in the search field, this can lead to errors, and even harm us, especially in cases where there is a competition that operates with similar names.

Using certain characters such as numbers, hyphens, accents, umlauts or the letter “ñ”, also compromises the precision with which the public retains it. Even more so if they comment or indicate the name orally, an example of this would be “” which could be interpreted as “”, leaving the predictive possibilities of search engines completely out of place.

When choosing a domain name it is better to avoid acronyms or abbreviations that prevent it from being related to the activity or the brand. For example, it is better to use “” than “” for mountains and associates. This type of domain names worked at the time for big brands like HP or IBM, but when they started there were not so many millions of pages on the Internet, nor so many of them competing in the same sectors or markets.
The alphabet in the domain name

Most of the vertical directories of media and companies on the internet offer in the results of their searches the names of the companies in alphabetical order. This means that we will increase the chances that we will be found in these directories before the competition if our domain name and especially the commercial one begins with the first letters of the alphabet.

In addition to being important that we have a modern and functional website, it will greatly benefit us to call “” rather than “hairdresserantonio”. In this example, from “a” to “p” there is nothing more and nothing less than a difference of 17 letters, in what position will the name associated with the domain appear in a directory of hairdressers?

The extension associated with the domain name

Depending on the location or area in which you want to operate, domains with a “.com” extension are international in nature, while others are designed for a continental area or territory such as “.eu”, and national, even more reduced as in In the case of Spain, which would be “.es”, there are also related to provinces.

Other domain names are associated with the type of activity, such as “.net” for some types of businesses with only online presence, or “.info” if the purpose of the site is merely informative, or .org for organizations.

There are many more extensions but these are the best known or most common, which at the same time will cost less to remember most users because they are more familiar with them. Especially in the case of making a direct search by typing in the browser field.
Search and discard when choosing domain name

At this point and with several domain names selected to be candidates to represent and defend the initiative, it is time to check their availability. It is possible to do this in the later phase of choosing web hosting for the site files, using some of the pages that include search fields for the availability of the providers of this type of service.

The possible association of the domain name with other websites must also be considered and avoided. In addition, we must check that it is not being used in social networks, an aspect that could lead to confusion, or worse, to force us to add unwanted alphanumeric characters to differentiate them from other profiles, such as the underscore “_” or others less intuitive yet. This is a very common error, problematic for communication when transmitting our profiles on social networks to potential interested parties or clients.

You can use pages such as to check the availability of the domain name in most social networks, this wonderful tool will be in charge of verifying the networks in which it is busy, only by entering the domain name once in the corresponding field . What a time saver, don’t you think?
Final choice and conclusions

You can choose your final domain name among those that are free regarding the extension of the domain that interests you the most, and as long as it is not yet associated with an activity similar to yours with another extension. It should also be free in those social networks in which you have considered interacting. Do not think twice, register the domain in a trusted or reputable site, duly accredited by ESNIC, ICANN or another similar body and register it by reserving profiles or accounts on the social networks that interest you. Only in this way will you guarantee that it is not reserved by another person or body after a while, sometimes surprises have been brought in a matter of hours and even minutes.

At IngenioVirtual we bet on good practices before developing a website, we take into account aspects such as domain and hosting from a beneficial and productive point of view for our clients, we work in collaboration with hosting providers with the best guarantee, support and quality in the service, get in touch and tell us what type of website you need so that we can advise you without obligation.

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