News: Palm Jumeirah leads winners at World Travel Awards

News: Palm Jumeirah leads winners at World Travel Awards

Palm Jumeirah, the architectural surprise and flagship grasp advancement from Nakheel, has been named World’s Top Tourism Growth Task at the Environment Journey Awards.

News: Palm Jumeirah leads winners at World Travel Awards News: Palm Jumeirah leads winners at World Travel Awards

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One&Only the Palm welcomes fresh menu of spa treatments

A haven for Arabian rituals and French splendor, Guerlain Spa at A single&Only the Palm has introduced three unique therapies to its intensive choice of luxury spa encounters.

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Smartphone buying guide: tips and tricks


It’s good to have an idea of what your future smartphone should look like before you buy it – θήκες κινητών-.

Should I buy a cheap or an expensive smartphone?

Here things are purely subjective since everyone knows their financial capabilities and knows more or less how much money they can allocate.

Of course, it is best to think about how much money “should” be available or to put it better how much it is worth to have a smartphone that meets their needs, whatever they are.

Cheap (entry-level) smartphones

If you are a novice user and have never had a smart phone before, going to get the latest iPhone model or some other flagship from Samsung may not be a very wise choice.

This is because you will probably never use the full potential of these devices. You will of course do your job with the above, but you would do the same with a device that would cost you 300-500 euros less.

So if you belong to this category, prefer a cheap phone. There are endless models of all the well-known companies (except maybe Apple) with very high performance and very affordable prices. Mobile phones in this category range from 100-200 euros. It is good to avoid very cheap phones (under 100 euros) because they will provide little possibilities.

In general, the difference between cheap and more expensive phones is that they usually focus on a good feature and give weight to it. For example, if you are interested in taking pictures with your smartphone, you will find a cheap one with a relatively good camera. If you want performance you will find one with enough memory, but worse with the other features.

So if you look for it a little, you can find a cheap phone that covers the basics you want to do. If you now have higher demands or want more features at the same time, then look at the next two categories.

High – end devices

Expensive mobile phones that are at the forefront of technology since they have very powerful features and the most innovative capabilities, are called high-end, although it has become common to call them flagships, due to their technological displacement.

These devices are Apple’s iPhone, Samsung S series, LG G series, Huawei P series and other companies respectively.

High-end devices have very good screens both in quality and resolution, very good cameras, brutal batteries and of course many extra features, such as full waterproofing, fingerprint reader, etc., which in cheaper devices are considered unnecessary luxury.

If you want to always have the latest technology in your hands then you will definitely invest in such a device, however you have to put your hand deep in your pocket, as smartphones in this category usually range in price from 500-1000 euros, especially when first released. Later their price usually drops a bit, but not dramatically.

What screen to choose

The on-screen options for the smartphone are many. So many that many people wonder what is best and how to decide what to get. The truth is that the “best” screen for each person is something different, otherwise companies would only release one type.

What screen size to choose for your smartphone

The appropriate size of the screen of the mobile phone in inches, has to do with the use for which the phone is intended. If you want to play games or watch movies then the bigger the screen the better. Also browsing the internet is much more comfortable on a large screen than on a smaller one.

Of course, this does not mean that you should overdo it. This is because you may not feel comfortable with a mobile phone with a 6 “screen that does not fit in your pocket or that you can not handle well.

Especially women or those who have small hands, it is good to prefer a slightly smaller screen. To find the right size for you, try handling smartphones with different screen sizes either in a mobile phone shop, or editing the phones of friends or acquaintances.

Do not overdo it with the screen size of the mobile. The most common screen diagonal dimensions on the market right now start at 3.5 inches and go up to 6. From 5.5 inches and up are the so-called phablets (something between a phone and a tablet).

What screen resolution should the smartphone have?

Many people think that because the screen of a mobile phone is small compared to the screen of a computer or TV, they can choose any resolution without any problem. In other words, they think a high-resolution screen might be unnecessary. This of course is not the case. In fact, the higher the resolution of the mobile screen, the better.

The most common analysis options are:

854 x 480 pixels

This is usually the screen resolution of very cheap smartphones. It is generally considered a poor and outdated analysis. Even on entry-level phones you will find better resolution

1280 x 720 pixels

This resolution is known as HD Ready (High Definition). You will find it in most entry level and maybe in some cheap mid-range smartphones. It is generally a satisfactory analysis, but so far. For better clarity you may need to go for something better.

1920 x 1080 pixels

This is the full High Definition (Full HD) that you will find in most midrange phones, but also in some flagships. It is a very satisfactory resolution which is enough for the average user. Whether you want to view photos, surf the internet or even play videos, a smartphone with Full HD screen will cover you perfectly.

2560 x 1440 pixels

This resolution is the intermediate stage between Full HD and Ultra HD resolution and is known as QHD. This is probably the best choice. You will only find it on high-end devices. On a smartphone with this resolution you will be able to enjoy maximum clarity in any task.

3480 x 2160 pixels

This is Ultra HD resolution, also known as 4K. It is not widely used in smartphones, as many companies consider it an exaggeration. You will find it in some high-end devices, although in our opinion it is rather unnecessary.

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News: Finnair cuts flights into February as Omicron bites

News: Finnair cuts flights into February as Omicron bites

The Omicron variant of Covid-19, a looming strike by maintained personnel and the ongoing flu season has viewed Finnair terminate a quantity of flights in February.

News: Finnair cuts flights into February as Omicron bites News: Finnair cuts flights into February as Omicron bites

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Icelandair adds three new European connections

Icelandair has introduced the addition of three exciting new destinations to its European network this summer season: Rome, Alicante and Nice.

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News: WTTC confirms Manila for 2022 global summit

News: WTTC confirms Manila for 2022 global summit

The World Travel & Tourism Council has confirmed the upcoming world summit will get area in Manila on March 14-16. The occasion will consider location in partnership with the Philippine department of tourism.

News: WTTC confirms Manila for 2022 global summit News: WTTC confirms Manila for 2022 global summit

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UKinbound again asks for emergency financial support for sector

UKinbound and 67 business enterprise leaders from the tourism marketplace have penned to the key minister, Boris Johnson, to ask for unexpected emergency economic guidance in gentle of the Omicron vacation limits.

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US tourism sector to outpace 2019 next year | News

US tourism sector to outpace 2019 next year | News

The latest investigate from the World Journey & Tourism Council (WTTC) reveals the United States tourism sector could experience year-over-year growth of 36 for each cent in 2021.

This is a drastically more quickly advancement than the total world tourism recovery.

The outlook is even additional rosy for 2022, with the journey sector in the United States envisioned to expand by an additional 28 for each cent, reaching approximately $2 trillion of the United States overall economy for a contribution exceeding pre-pandemic degrees.

By comparison, in 2019, the United States tourism sector’s contribution to GDP represented nearly $1.9 trillion.

“Our investigate reveals that whilst the world-wide tourism sector is bit by bit starting to recuperate, the United States is recovering quicker than a lot of other areas,” said Julia Simpson, WTTC main executive.

“Last calendar year, the pandemic decimated additional than five million tourism employment across the United States even so, owing to a predicted rise in global and domestic invest this year and future, both employment and GDP are on the increase.”

Simpson additional: “The United States opening its borders and easing constraints to important source markets these as the Uk and the EU will deliver a enormous improve to economies on the two sides of the Atlantic.

“However, the extensive-phrase restoration of the sector in the United States and around the earth relies upon on the United States border remaining open up to global readers and generating journey much easier.”

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Hilton Doha honoured by World Travel Awards | News

Hilton Doha honoured by World Travel Awards | News

Hilton Doha has been topped Qatar’s Major Metropolis Resort by the international ceremony platform, Earth Travel Awards. 

The international awards brand name is recognised as the best hallmark of field excellence, each and every 12 months gratifying and celebrating world-wide models from all sectors of the journey and tourism market.

Hilton Doha triumphed among the pool of five-star hotels nominated for the similar classification by offering a exclusive life style for effectively-travelled guests.

The house provides a assorted and interesting expertise, together with a wide variety of food and beverage stores, relaxing pool amenities and an unapparelled beach front encounter.

The lodge really captures the essence of a ideal escape from the everyday hustle and bustle in a form of a vacation resort, positioned at the coronary heart of the small business district of Doha.

“We delight ourselves, in this article at Hilton Doha, in giving unforgettable encounters for just about every guest we welcome, and gifting new recollections to create, for when they return.

“Our resort will constantly be below, as the vacation resort of the active daily life of Doha requires,” explained Elias Moukarzel, common supervisor Hilton Doha Resort.

More Information

Find out additional about Hilton Doha on the official web page.

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Obstructions and blockages

Drain obstructions and blockages

In today’s article we will analyze the blockages. These works can start from a clogged bathroom sink or a kitchen clogged sink, or a clogged drain and make our drainage system non-functional.

To avoid blockages as much as possible, we must carefully follow all of the following tips from Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Such a damage, a blockage, can have a bad effect on our daily lives. If we do not act immediately it can damage the plumbing of our house and our own health. Obstructions are divided into some categories, which we will see below.

What are the signs that tell us that we need to do sink blockage, sink blockage, basin blockage, siphon blockage, gutter blockage or terrace gutter blockage and manhole blockage?

The most common blockages we will need are:

  • the clogged bathroom sink
  • the clogged kitchen sink
  • the clogged toilet
  • the clogged bathtub
  • the clogged siphon
  • the clogged sewer
  • the clogged gutter

The signs that show us that we need to make a bathroom sink blockage, a kitchen  sink blockage, a basin blockage, a siphon blockage, a drain blockage, a gutter blockage, a terrace gutter blockage, a manhole blockage are the following:

  1. When dealing with slow drainage of water in the sink, sink, basin and bathtub.
  2. Sounds of bubbles when the water drains into all of the above.
  3. Frequent plugging in any of the above.
  4. When water comes out of the floor siphon, when the washing machine is running.
  5. When water comes out of the floor siphon, without using the bathroom.
  6. Bad smell from the pipettes.

The most common blockages

Clogged kitchen Sink

A clogged sink is the worst thing that can happen to our kitchen. The clogged sink is the result of leftovers and food that fell into the sink. For the sink disassembly we must immediately call Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου to make our sink clogging as soon as possible. Do not attempt to disassemble the sink yourself. This can make things worse. For each case, our workshop provides special professional blocking tools such as steel and pressing machine. Sink blockage or kitchen sink blockage is a toy for Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου.

Clogged Washbasin

And here the clogged sink is exactly the same case as the clogged sink. The difference is in the dirt that collects and makes it a clogged sink. The causes are the hairs and soaps that fall in. Do not attempt to disassemble the sink yourself. It can make things worse. For each case, our workshop provides special professional blocking tools such as steel and pressing machine. Washing the sink for Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου is a toy.

Clogged basin

The clogged basin is also the result of dirt and other objects that fall into the toilet. As we will say below, papers, napkins, diapers are the ones responsible for the clogged basin. In order for the knot not to reach the scallop and for us not to have to make a blockage of the toilet bowl, we must be very careful and not throw anything inside. Flushing the toilet can seem very easy, with everything advertised on the Internet.

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. The Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου uses obstructive tools such as steel, pressure and others which will give immediate solution to your problem. The blockage of a toilet bowl for Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου is easier and faster than ever.

Clogged bathtub

A clogged bathtub falls into the same category as a clogged toilet, a clogged bathroom sink, or a clogged kitchen sink. Residues of soap and hair fall from our daily bathroom, which over time clogs the pipes. If you are not careful and do not use properly, bathtub disassembly or clogging of the bathtub will be something you will need very quickly.

These residues will pass into the siphon and in turn will end up in the central sewer. Bathtub blockage can happen so quickly that you will not even realize it. In no case do we recommend that you do the disassembly of the bathtub yourself.

Clogged sewer or clogged shaft

Sewer blockage or manhole blockage is something you will need to do if you do not pay attention to all of the above. The bathtub, the sink, the washing machine, the basin, all end up in the siphon and in turn go to the central sewer. If you do not maintain these first, then very quickly you will need to make a central sewer blockage or manhole blockage.

The central sewer blockage needs to be done by specialists, specialized in the field of blockages. In no case do we recommend that you do it yourself. The Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου uses obstructive tools such as steel, pressure and others which will give immediate solution to your problem. For us, the blockage of wells has become a daily routine.

Clogged gutter

Gutter blockage is a very common phenomenon during the winter months. In winter, unlike in summer, it rains, blows and the wind lifts the soil which settles in the gutters.

But what is a gutter?

Gutters are pipes that are outside our home. Their main function is to collect rainwater and lead it to a central point. With this practice we avoid collecting rainwater on our terrace, which will flood it. They are divided into 2 categories:

The horizontal gutter.

Horizontal gutters are horizontal pipes that we find on the roof of our house, or on balconies and terraces. We usually see them more in detached houses.

The vertical gutter.

The vertical gutter is vertical piping to which the horizontal piping ends. And we find them more in the corners of buildings, houses, on balconies and terraces.

Because they are outside our house, in addition to collecting water in a central location, they also collect other things such as soil, tree leaves, bugs and more. Over time if we do not take the necessary steps the pipes are very easy to clog. The first solution is their proper use and maintenance. If you do not then you should definitely make a gutter blockage or a terrace gutter blockage. Under no circumstances do we recommend that you do the gutter blockage yourself.

The Αποφράξεις – Αντωνίου uses obstructive tools such as steel, pressure and others which will give immediate solution to your problem and gutters clogging will happen quickly and easily.

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